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Why chia is considered a superfood?

Why chia is considered a superfood?

Superfoods are food products that even in small portions can provide a large number of nutrients and health benefits. Thanks to its countless properties, chia is considered one of this type of foods.
Chia is rich in carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and since pre-Hispanic times it was considered a nutrient-rich food, which provided satiety and a lot of energy to those who consumed it.

The most outstanding benefits of this seed are:

● Rich in Omega 3: healthy fatty acids that help improve heart and brain function, because the body does not produce it naturally, and so, it must be consumed externally.
● A high content of antioxidants: it helps prevent aging, improves the immune system and the damage caused by free radicals in the cells, which is why they are considered a potent anti-cancer agent.
● A high amount of fiber: it has 100% more fiber than any other cereal, which is why it’s ideal for improving digestion, accelerate metabolism and helps reduce constipation.
● Energetics: they provide a large amount of energy because they have a higher concentration of potassium and proteins than many other vegetables.
● Ideal to lose weight: they absorb ten times their weight in water, producing a great sensation of satiety and reducing appetite.
● Delays sugar absorption: it stabilizes blood-sugar levels and regulates glucose levels.

Chia seeds are one of the most complete foods out there, it does not replace other sources of vitamins and minerals, such as fruits, meats or cereals, hence and they should be included in a balanced diet with these foods. It is important to remember, as we saw in the article: "Why our products are organic" that foods that come from organic crops tend to have more benefits and nutrients than those grown in the traditional way.

At Naturkost, we are committed to organic foods, because we want to offer our consumers chia seeds free of chemicals, and that provide all the properties for people's health. We invite you to learn more about this superfood and our certified processes that guarantee the safety and quality of our product.

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