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Contract farming

Contract farming

Collection center in production areas

Collection center in production areas

Processing plant with international certifications

Processing plant with international certifications

Storage capacity of 750 tons

Storage capacity of 750 tons

Verified kill step

Verified kill step

Global distribution

Global distribution

Naturkost Mexico Naturkost Mexico Nosotros

About us

We are a Mexican company pioneer in the cultivation and distribution of Chia;

involved from its production in the field to its national and international trading. Our seeds are certified and meet international standards that allow us to export anywhere in the world.

In 10 years of work we have achieved to consolidate a network of local farmers to bring their production to Europe, Asia, and North America, throughout the entire production process, and reinforcing our commitment to our customers to offer only sustainable, healthy and nutritious food. All this has led us to be the largest exporter of chia from Mexico.

Chia Naturkost
The best of chia seed

The best of Chia


It all started in 2005, when the now pioneers worldwide in Chia cultivation, Naturkost Übelhör from Germany, advised and trained a group of local producers so that they could achieve organic crops.

In 2008, Naturkost Mexico was founded as a subsidiary of this German company, creating the perfect link between producers and international markets.

Naturkost Übelhör Alemania

In Naturkost Mexico we work hand in hand with more than 100 farmers, we generate social development, being part of their business, and perfecting their way of farming to guarantee an organic process of the best quality, therefore we comply with international food safety standards, which allows us to export to the United States, Canada, Germany, China, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, New Zealand, Thailand, and Peru, among other countries.

In a little seed fits an entire country, history and the hard work of those who bring this great Mexican treasure to the world.
Naturkost Historia


Why choose Naturkost Mexico as your business partner?


We work with accredited and prestigious laboratories in Mexico, the United States, and Europe, who make sure that our product is within the specifications and requirements of the destination country.


Supervision and training of farmers to guarantee an organic process of the best quality.


Inventory with product availability 365 days a year.


Customizable packaging, from 10g sticks to 1 ton super bags.


Organic products with certifications that allow us to enter any market.


Capacity to process 8,000 tons per year and storage of 750 tons.


A privileged geographical location with a marine connection to 155 countries and 500 ports on five continents.


Part of Naturkost Group


Responsible supply chain