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Why our products are organic?

Why our products are organic?

Before we talk about why in Naturkost we produce only organic foods and some advantages of these, it is important to explain why the products that come from traditional agriculture represent an increased risk for people’s health and the environment.
First, a bit of history. The accelerated population growth and the increase in the demand for food, forced farmers to progressively use more chemicals in their processes, to produce more and in less time. What started, in the beginning, with pesticides and artificial fertilizers culminated in the design of genetically modified or transgenic seeds.

The main problem with the use of additives and chemical inputs in agriculture is the diminished in natural benefits of food, also they are getting contaminated with substances that can cause damage to the health of those who consume it.

Fortunately, there is an option of purely natural foods and produced under a series of ecological procedures, meaning, organic (like our chia). These are usually clean of pollutants, and offer a greater nutritional contribution than foods that are not produced in organic crops.
An organic crop is a system of agricultural production free of fertilizers and chemical pesticides, a method that efficiently manages the resources of the land, using natural compost instead of agricultural inputs, increasing soil fertility in a normal way and avoiding the propagation of pests or diseases.

Natural fertilizers are usually made of plants, animals, food debris and any natural organic source that prepare the soil for long life and offer great benefits:

● Greater fixation of carbon in the soil.
● Easy degradation (they transform into compounds that are water-soluble and that plants take benefit from).
● An increase of microorganisms (fungi and bacteria) that benefit the land.
● Greater use of nutrients (micro and macronutrients).
● They maintain the necessary humidity for each type of crop.

In Naturkost we’ve spent a decade training and providing resources for our producers to achieve organic crops, which contribute to obtaining chia seeds that comply with international standards.

The care of the environment is extremely important to achieve these certifications, our crops do not pollute the soil or negatively impact the environment, the ecosystems are not altered and the local biodiversity is kept alive.

For more information on how our chia contains higher concentrations of minerals and vitamins than others, as well as the certifications that guarantee that all our products are free of pesticides and chemicals, we invite you to click here.

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